is a local landscape supply company located at Hills Plaza on South Atherton Street behind Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (between State College and Boalsburg). We specialize in delivering high-quality mulch products in a timely and professional manner to homeowners and contractors. We sell seven of the most popular landscape materials, which includes Double-Ground (Black), Double-Ground (Natural), Triple-Ground Natural, and Playground Material. We are currently the only landscape supply company offering online ordering in the State College and Boalsburg Area. Our efficient online ordering system cuts our costs which we pass on to our customers, saving them time and money.

Mulch F.A.Q.

How deep should I spread/lay mulch?

A 2″ to 4″ layer of mulch is ideal around trees and flowerbeds to inhibit weed growth (apply mulch to a weed free soil surface), reduce moisture loss, and prevent soil erosion.

How much area can be cover with 1 cubic yard?

One cubic yard will cover 162 sq. feet with approximately 2″ of material. To make sure you have enough material for the job it is best to assume 1 yard will cover 150 sq. feet.

How often should I apply fresh mulch?

Mulch is designed to break down over time, so, ideally, fresh mulch should be applied at least once per year, typically in the spring. If you enjoy the consistent appearance of fresh mulch around your trees and in your garden beds, a thin layer of mulch can be reapplied in fall. To maintain soil benefits, mulch should be applied at least every other year.

How many yards of mulch should I buy?

What quantity of mulch you need to apply and how deep the layer of mulch should be varies from customer to customer. Generally, we recommend a layer of mulch that is two to four inches thick around all trees and flowerbeds in your yard. Mulch is typically sold in a measurement of cubic yardage. To give you an idea of how to estimate your needs, one cubic yard will cover, at a depth of approximately two inches, 162 square feet. To make sure you have enough mulch to apply an appropriate and effective cover, it is usually best to be conservative and assume one cubic yard will cover 150 square feet.

Will State College Mulch install the mulch for me?

Absolutely! When you place your order, please request to have the mulch “installed” and our team will expertly apply your order to your garden bed and around your trees, per your instructions. The cost for this service is twice the price of your order. For example, if you order one “installed” yard of Double-Ground Mulch, the cost will be $70.


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